Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Software Update 2023.26.7 Release Notes and Exciting New Features

From improved apps to enhanced gaming capabilities, we walk you through all the highlights and features of this update.

Spotify Refresh: A Familiar Music Experience

One of the standout features of this update is the Spotify refresh. Now, you can enjoy your music playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks on Spotify with a more familiar look and feel. This update not only enhances your music experience but also brings a touch of familiarity to your infotainment system. It's worth noting that Spotify access requires premium connectivity, and the availability of audiobooks varies by location.

Stay Ahead with Destination Closing Soon Notifications

Navigating to your destination just got even smarter. The new update includes a feature that notifies you if your chosen destination is closing soon or might be closed by the time you arrive. This real-time information empowers you to plan your routes more effectively, ensuring you always arrive at your destination on time.

Vampire Survivors Game: Retro Gaming Fun

If you're a fan of retro-style games, you're in for a treat. The software update introduces "Vampire Survivors," an engaging retro game where you defend yourself against waves of night creatures to survive until dawn. This adds a touch of entertainment to your driving experience and showcases Tesla's commitment to providing unique in-car entertainment options.

Gaming Evolution with Bluetooth Controllers

The gaming experience in your Tesla just leveled up. The update allows you to connect Bluetooth controllers to your Tesla and play games in the Arcade. This new feature opens the door to a more immersive gaming experience for you and your passengers. The update works particularly well with PS5 controllers, offering precise control for a wide range of games.

Enhanced Camera Views via Tesla App

Another feature that's sure to grab your attention is the ability to view multiple cameras at once through the Tesla app. This added functionality allows you to check your vehicle's surroundings more comprehensively, providing an extra layer of safety and convenience. To access this feature, navigate to your vehicle settings and controls, ensuring you have the required mobile app version (4.22.5) and premium connectivity.

Warmer Colors for Night Driving

Driving at night just got more comfortable on your eyes. The software update introduces warmer display colors that automatically adjust during nighttime driving. This adjustment reduces blue light emission, helping to alleviate eye fatigue during extended night-time journeys. The update underscores Tesla's commitment to enhancing the overall driving experience.

User-Friendly Interface Improvements

In addition to the aforementioned features, this software update introduces several user-friendly interface improvements. Recent and favorite media items are now organized in separate tabs, making it easier to navigate and find your preferred content. The sliders to adjust volume, temperature, and charge limit have also been enhanced for more precise control.

Stay Informed with Quick Access

Tesla recognises the importance of keeping you informed. With this update, accessing the owner's manual and release notes is easier than ever with the new manual app. Whether you're looking to learn more about regenerative braking or how to use the phone key feature, you can quickly access the information you need right from your vehicle's interface.

Automatic Navigation and Swiss French Keyboard

The update brings improvements to the automatic navigation feature, providing more detailed information about your destination. Additionally, Swiss French keyboard support has been added, catering to Tesla owners in that region.


Tesla's dedication to enhancing the driving experience is evident in the latest software update 2023.26.7. Tesla demonstrates its commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and entertainment options to its users. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride with these innovative features at your fingertips. Happy charging and safe travels!

Disclaimer: The features mentioned in this article may be subject to change or vary based on individual vehicle configurations and regional availability.


"From a refreshed Spotify interface to enhanced gaming capabilities and improved safety features, this update brings a range of exciting new functionalities to your Tesla Model 3."

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