EV Information Session for Equinix

Tom from Ludicrous Feed was invited as a guest speaker for the We Are Equinix Green & Sustainability Pillar event held by Equinix Australia.

Exploring the 2024 Tesla Model 3 "Highland" Edition: My Order Experience in Australia

Tom from Ludicrous Feed provides a walkthrough of the Australian Tesla configurator for the new "Highland Edition" updated Tesla Model 3.

30 Supercharger Locations Open to Non-Tesla EVs in Australia

Tesla has decided to open up nearly half of its 63 Supercharger sites in the country to non-Tesla owners. This move comes after a successful trial program that began in January.

MY 2024 Polestar 2 Update Australia Launch Event: Long Range Single Motor RWD Test Drive

Tom from Ludicrous Feed gives you his exclusive insight into the recent Australian launch event and test drive of the 2024 Polestar 2.

Tesla App 4.24.0 Walkthrough: Apple Shortcuts & Wall Connector Support

Tesla has rolled out version 4.24.0 of their app, tailored for Apple iOS users: features include the ability to integrate your Gen 3 Wall Connector into the app, as well as the introduction of Apple Shortcuts for enhanced control.

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Software Update 2023.26.7 Release Notes and Exciting New Features

From improved apps to enhanced gaming capabilities, we walk you through all the highlights and features of this update.

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