Is FSD Australia closer? 2023 Tesla Model Y Software Update 2023.20.7

Tesla enthusiasts in Australia have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities in their vehicles. The recent software update, 2023.20.7, has sparked speculation about the proximity of FSD availability in the country. In this article, we will explore the details of the software update and analyse the signs that suggest FSD could be on the horizon for Australian Tesla owners.

Coinciding with FSD Beta Built 11.3.6

The 2023.20.7 software update aligns with the FSD Beta Built 11.3.6, marking the first time that Australia has received a software build that corresponds to FSD beta in the US and Canada. Although FSD beta functionality is not accessible in Australia yet, some Tesla owners with this update will now have the FSD capability software installed in their vehicles. This convergence of software builds indicates that FSD in Australia may be approaching.

Signs of Progress

There are several signs suggesting that the FSD timeline in Australia is progressing. Tesla Australia previously advertised positions for test drivers, indicating efforts to improve Tesla's autopilot system through data collection. Although these positions are no longer visible, their existence implies that FSD development in the country is advancing.

Commitment to Privacy and Data Collection

Tesla has emphasised its commitment to user privacy, stating that they do not sell customer data for any purpose. The collected data is used to enhance safety and convenience features, employing precise anonymisation techniques to protect user privacy. The focus on data collection is aimed at improving the safety of Tesla's vehicles as a fleet, particularly for future FSD functionalities.

Data Sharing Clauses

The 2023.20.7 update introduces two new data sharing clauses that prompt users to opt in to share specific driving data. The first clause pertains to start and end drive data, which can be shared to enhance features like FSD beta, smart summon, and park assist. The second clause covers data sharing while the vehicle is parked, enabling improvements in features like auto-presenting doors and shifting out of park. These inclusions of FSD-related terms in an Australian software update indicate the potential arrival of FSD capabilities in the country.

Referral Program Updates

The Tesla referral program has recently been updated, allowing customers to redeem credits for enhanced autopilot in the upgrades section. While it currently offers three months of enhanced autopilot in exchange for 8,000 credits, the program's extension to FSD redemption in the US suggests a similar option may become available in Australia once FSD is launched.

Enhanced Autopilot vs. Full Self-Driving

Considering the cost-benefit analysis, it's important to evaluate the value of enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capabilities. Enhanced autopilot offers features like auto lane change, auto park, and smart summon. While these features enhance the driving experience, the auto lane change feature stands out as particularly useful. However, whether it justifies the additional $5,000 expense is subjective.

As for full self-driving capabilities, which include traffic light and stop sign control, the current state of development may not justify the $10,000 cost. Although it offers conveniences such as stopping at red lights or stop signs automatically, the functionality is still limited. It is advisable to wait until FSD matures before investing in this expensive upgrade.


While concrete evidence is yet to surface, signs such as job postings, data sharing clauses, and referral program updates suggest progress towards FSD availability in Australia. As Tesla continues to refine and expand its self-driving technology, Australian Tesla owners remain hopeful for an FSD update that will revolutionise their driving experience.


"The 2023 Tesla Model Y software update, 2023.20.7, has brought the FSD beta Built 11.3.6 to Australian vehicles, raising hopes for the imminent arrival of FSD capabilities."

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