2023 Tesla Model Y EV DC Fast Charging Station at Warriewood Square

In recent years, electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant popularity as a greener and more sustainable mode of transportation. To support the growing number of EV drivers, charging infrastructure needs to be expanded. In this article, we will take a closer look at the newly installed DC fast charging station at Warriewood Square in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

A Convenient Location for EV Charging

Warriewood Square, the main shopping centre in the northern part of Sydney's Northern Beaches, has recently become home to a new DC fast charging location. Located on Jacksons Road, just a short drive after turning off Pittwater Road, the charging station is easily accessible and provides a convenient solution for EV owners in the area.

Charging Options

The DC fast charging station at Warriewood Square has been installed by Engie and be activated for use via the Chargefox app. These chargers received partial funding from Arena's Future Fuels fund, showcasing the government's support for sustainable transportation solutions.

Charging Experience

The charging station offers two DC CCS2 chargers and two AC chargers. The easiest way to start the charging process is to tap a Chargefox RFID card and plug in the vehicle. The charging screen displays crucial information such as the current state of charge, charging rate, and the energy transferred to the vehicle.

Charging Speed and Compatibility

The charging rate at the DC fast charging station depends on various factors, including the state of charge of the vehicle's battery. Typically, lower battery levels result in faster charging speeds. Although the Model Y in this video was not able to precondition the battery before arriving at this third-party charging station, it still achieved a reasonable charging rate of approximately 60 kilowatts. Tesla Superchargers, on the other hand, may provide even quicker charging speeds given Tesla vehicles can precondition their battery prior to arrival at a supercharger.

Technical Specifications

The DC EV charger at Warriewood Square is manufactured by Phihong. It boasts an input rating of 150-300 amps and a maximum output of 120 kilowatts. It is important to note that the total output might be shared between the two connected vehicles, which can affect the charging rate.

AC Charging Options

In addition to the DC chargers, the charging station also offers two AC chargers, which require users to bring their own Type 2 charging cables. These chargers, installed by Jet Charge were able to charge the Model Y at 11 kilowatts which is the vehicle’s maximum AC charging rate. Presumably, given the relatively fast charging rate, these AC chargers have a three-phase power supply.


With the support of Engie, Chargefox, and the government's Future Fuels fund, EV drivers can conveniently charge their vehicles while visiting the shopping centre. The charging station's reasonable charging rates and the presence of both DC and AC chargers make it an attractive option for Tesla owners and other EV enthusiasts. As charging infrastructure continues to expand, the transition to electric vehicles becomes even more viable and sustainable for everyone.


"The installation of a DC fast charging station at Warriewood Square is a significant step towards promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney."

  Watch the full video: Exploring the 2023 Tesla Model Y EV DC Fast Charging Station at Warriewood Square

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