Exploring the Latest Tesla Model 3 Software Update 2023.20.4.1: Camera Preview Test and New Tire Service Feature

The Tesla Model 3 continues to impress with its cutting-edge technology and regular software updates that enhance the driving experience. In the latest software update, version 2023.20.4.1, Tesla has introduced some exciting features that have caught the attention of Model 3 and Y owners. In this article, we will delve into the new camera preview option and the tire service feature included in this update.

Unveiling the Camera Preview Feature

One of the unannounced additions in the 2023.20.4.1 software update is the camera preview option. Tesla enthusiasts discovered this feature tucked away in the settings menu, providing a live stream from various cameras around the vehicle. Tesla Tom, an avid Tesla owner and YouTuber, gave us a preview of this new capability in his black Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3.

The camera preview allows drivers to gain insight into different perspectives of their surroundings. Tesla Tom showcased the internal camera, providing a view of the car's interior. Additionally, he revealed the front camera, wide camera, narrow camera, left and right door pillar cameras, left fender camera, right fender camera, and rear view camera. Each camera offers a unique vantage point which the car uses to enhance safety and visibility while driving.

Introducing the New Tyre Service Feature

Alongside the camera preview option, the 2023.20.4.1 software update also includes a new tyre service feature, which allows users to monitor their tyre service mileage. This feature helps maintain optimal tyre condition, maximise tread lifespan, and prevent premature tyre replacement.

The tyre service feature displays the mileage since the last tyre service and recommends tyre rotation every 10,000 kilometres to ensure even tread wear. Tesla advises immediate tyre rotation if the tread depth difference exceeds 1.5 millimetres or two-thirds of an inch between any two tyres. Directional tyres require left-to-right as well as front-to-rear rotations. Following these guidelines ensures improved traction, stability, and extends tyre life.

While regular servicing is not mandatory for warranty purposes in Tesla vehicles, tyre maintenance remains crucial. The tyre service feature simplifies the monitoring process and serves as a reminder for necessary rotations, emphasising Tesla's commitment to providing a comprehensive ownership experience.


Tesla's dedication to improving its vehicles through software updates is commendable. The 2023.20.4.1 software update for the Tesla Model 3 introduces the camera preview option, granting drivers access to different camera perspectives.

Furthermore, Tesla surprises users with the new tyre service feature, enabling them to monitor tyre service mileage and follow recommended rotation intervals. By emphasising the importance of tyre maintenance, Tesla aims to maximise tire lifespan, enhance performance, and improve overall driving experience.

As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation, these updates demonstrate their commitment to providing regular enhancements that address user feedback and prioritise safety.


"Whether it's the camera preview or the tyre service feature, Tesla owners can enjoy the benefits of these latest additions, making their ownership experience even more remarkable. "

  Watch the full video: 2023 Tesla Model 3 Software Update 2023.20.4.1 | Camera Preview Test

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