Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Station at DFO Homebush Sydney

We go through the new charging station at DFO Homebush in Sydney's west: location, features, and the charging experience.

Location and Accessibility

The new DC fast charging station is nestled within the DFO Homebush shopping complex, located in Sydney's Homebush Bay area. This prime location offers EV owners a convenient opportunity to charge their vehicles while they shop or dine at the outlet. The charging station is easily accessible by car, situated on the ground level of the DFO Homebush car park.

Charging Rates and Options

As with many commercial charging stations, the DFO Homebush DC fast charging station operates on a paid basis. It's worth noting that there's a two-hour free parking period for EV users, providing a window to top up your vehicle's battery without incurring parking fees. For those who require a longer charging session, a fee of forty dollars covers six hours of parking, with the flexibility to extend as needed.

Charging Experience

Upon arriving at the DFO Homebush charging station, EV owners are advised to communicate with security personnel to ensure smooth access to the charging area, especially during peak hours. The charging bays are clearly marked, and the setup includes two CCS2 ports, capable of delivering high-speed DC charging.

The charging experience is further enhanced by the availability of a mobile app and RFID card provided by Chargefox, the entity responsible for the charging station's installation. This user-friendly interface allows EV owners to initiate and monitor their charging sessions seamlessly. The charging station's power output reaches up to 120 kilowatts, ensuring efficient replenishment of the vehicle's battery.

Charging Process and Features

In this video, plugging in the Tesla Model Y to the charging station initiates a smooth charging process, with charging rates reaching up to 60 kilowatts. The Tesla app provides real-time data on the charging status, elapsed time, and energy consumption. Notably, the charging process is not hindered by significant heat loss, ensuring that a significant portion of the energy reaches the vehicle's battery.

Alternative Charging Options

In addition to the DC fast charging stations, the DFO Homebush area offers alternative options for EV owners. Plugshare, a popular EV charging platform, reveals that AC charging spots are available on the same level as the DC fast charging station. These AC charging stations, installed by Jet Charge, follow the "bring your own cable" model, offering flexibility to EV users with varying charging needs.


As the EV industry continues to evolve, charging infrastructure becomes a pivotal factor in promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The introduction of the DC fast charging station at DFO Homebush in Sydney reflects a positive shift towards making EV charging more accessible and convenient for consumers.


"This charging station offers an attractive option for Tesla Model Y and other EV owners seeking to charge their vehicles while enjoying a shopping or dining experience at the DFO Homebush outlet."

  Watch the full video: Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Station at DFO Homebush Sydney

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