Refer And Earn With The New Tesla Referral Program! July 2023 Update

Discover how the new "Refer and Earn" program works, earning you credits for bringing new people to the Tesla community. Learn about the credit redemption process and the exciting rewards you can receive, including discounts on purchases and exclusive benefits.

Comparing The Model Y Long Range With Rear Wheel Drive In Australia

First Look at an early Long Range Model Y delivery in Sydney Australia and making comparisons with a Rear Wheel Drive variant for projected range, battery chemistry, features, inclusions, ride quality and comfort.

Here's The Right Way To Charge Your Tesla And Prolong Its Battery Life

Charge your LFP Tesla Model Y or Model 3 to 100% at least once a week for battery management system calibration. Limit your long range AWD Model Y or Model 3 to 90% unless you need the extra range for a longer drive.

Driving A Tesla Saves Me Hundreds Of Dollars In Petrol Each Month!

The Tesla app shows you exactly how much you save in petrol comparing charging your Model 3 or Model Y to an equivalent internal combustion engine or ICE vehicle.

Exploring the new unofficial EV Fast Charging Hub on Sydney's Northern Beaches

How to find, activate and charge at the Allambie Grove Business Park Carpark Evie DC Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station in Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches.

Why You Need a Calibrated Torque Wrench for Your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y: Ensuring Correct Wheel Nut Tension

How to use a calibrated click torque wrench to tighten correct wheel nut tension to 175 Nm or 129 lb ft for Model 3 and Model Y.

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